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Introduction of Tianjin steel pipe company and related products

Tianjin steel pipe company, commonly known as “Tianjin seamless” is more and more popular all over the country. And more customers are willing to purchase various steel pipes from Tianjin steel pipe company. Company employees turns the company from the one that produces single straight seam welded steel pipe into a comprehensive professional factory that can make pipe products in a variety through more than ten years of unremitting struggle and efforts. Nowadays, Tianjin steel pipe company can produce stainless steel tube, color plate,iron alloy,aluminium wire and so on. In 2005, the company’s sale revenue exceeded 20 billion yuan. So, are there any reproducible methods or secrets that make Tianjin pipe company prosperous in a short period? For other steel pipe suppliers who put their factory in other regions, they can learn from that approaches and make a breakthrough in the process of their own company development. Then we will briefly analyze the concentrated advantages of Tianjin steel pipe manufacturers.

First of all, many steel pipe manufacturers adhere to the overall development strategy of “three steps” and thus achieve three hundred goals in one year. In 2010, it has also achieved the third step to build a leading international petroleum pipe manufacturing base, which has become the target of a world-renowned large enterprise group with international competitiveness. In 2005, the company formed the production capacity of 1.6 million tons of seamless steel pipe, which is the highest in the world and the product quality is in the world leading position.

Secondly, Tianjin steel pipe company is the largest oil casing production base in China and the production capacity is prominent such as the production of cold-formed hollow sections. Besides, the company adheres to people-oriented theory ,realizes the common development of employees and enterprises and formulates a series of incentive policies and measures. It provides a broad platform for employees’ achievement and development. In addition, the company also shows the characteristics of high cost performance in terms of square pipe specification and price. Moreover, the same as round steel pipe. That means it has high pipe quality as well as affordable steel pipe price . Therefore, from the situation of company’s products and development view, Tianjin steel pipe company has quality assurance. When you purchasing steel pipes, if necessary, you can add one more consideration to the list so that the products you choose are more affordable and more comfortable.

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