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Hollow sections steel tube are the most versatile and efficient form for construction and mechanical applications.It is also called hollow structrual tube,HSS tubing and son on

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Cold-formed hollow sections

Steel pipe such as cold rolled steel pipe is one of the most frequently used materials in our daily life especially in the construction and manufacturing industries. According to different processing technology, the classification of steel pipe is also various to support the application in different industries. From the types as well as application of welded steel pipes, we can find that cold-formed hollow section is a very good representative. So what are the advantages of such steel pipe? What is the basic application of it? Here’s a quick introduction.

cold formed hollow section

The processing technology of the cold-formed hollow section is more exquisite. The steel tube is formed after the bending of the steel plate and then it is welded and processed. According to the material, the domestic manufactures also use Q235A, Q235B, OCr13, L290 ,X42 and so on. All the steel pipes can be produced on the base of black steel pipe. As the quality of processed materials are different, the application effect is also different. The specification of cold-formed hollow section is various and the quality requirements of the production and processing technology are very high. According to the current standards, the nominal diameter of cold-formed hollow section is between 6-150mm, while the thickness of the tube wall is around 2.0-6.0 mm. Besides, the length of the tube welding is between 4-10 meters. Scratch, welding dislocation, burns and other defects can not be allowed when inspecting to ensure the smooth steel pipe surface.

This kind of hollow section as well as square steel pipe is treated by quenching process, which can improve the surface hardness as well as the pipe quality. As the quality is very high, cold-formed hollow section is widely used in all walks of life such as machinery manufacturing and processing&production industry, which improve the production and processing efficiency. When it comes to how to distinguish this kind of steel pipe, we can refer to relevant parameters and production process so that we can choose the most suitable steel pipe.

What about the market quotation of this kind of steel pipe? Actually, steel pipe price is quite different in different periods and there are various factors that affect steel pipe price. For customers who want to purchase hollow sections, they can consult details of market price in different periods. Suitable products can guarantee project quality and play a good role in production and processing to reduce risks or other potential safe issues.

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