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Hollow sections steel tube are the most versatile and efficient form for construction and mechanical applications.It is also called hollow structrual tube,HSS tubing and son on

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Cold Formed Structural Hollow Sections

Today, there are numerous steel pipe manufacturers of cold formed structural hollow sections in the steel industry. Moreover, it can not be denied that there is a huge potential demand for this type of steel product both at home and abroad.
Rectangular Hollow Section (short for RHS) is one common type of structural hollow sections in use. According to different steel products and related design standards, there exists great difference between the alternative types of structural hollow section products. Specifically, hot finished structural hollow section products are typically between 24% and 54% more expensive in Germany than their cold formed counterparts, the lower differences being for large tonnages-a strong inducement in favour of cold formed structural hollow sections.

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On the other hand, both the structural performance of cold formed structural hollow sections and hot finished hollow sections shows equally efficient structural designs for the both steel products. However, cold formed hollow sections have two advantages over hot finished hollow sections which seem not directly related from the structural viewpoints. With regard to steel pipe price in the market, cold formed structural hollow sections are relatively high than the hot finished ones. Besides, from the aesthetic viewpoint, cold formed structural hollow sections have a smooth surface, while hot finished sections can be pitted, which can be considered an issue for architecturally exposed structural steel for certain applications.
In addition, joint resistance typically governs the selection of hollow section members, especially in trusses and both cold and hot finished sections have the same joint resistance. For fatigue design, hollow section joints have the same fatigue life in codes and standards, irrespective of product (hot finished or cold formed), by both the classification method and hot spot stress method.
In the current steel market, structural steel pipe is very popular with people around the world, which has been widely used in a variety of applications. In North America, simple braced frames are more popular for the lateral load-resisting system and hollow sections are the typical choice for diagonal bracings. Such concentrically braced steel frames provide very good lateral strength and stiffness, with the bracings contributing to seismic energy dissipation by yielding in tension and buckling in compression during cyclic loading.
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