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Visualization technology of building curtain wall design

As a part of architectural design — the refinement and perfection of facade design, the visualization of modern curtain wall design not only inherits the commonness of architectural design visualization technology, but also has its own characteristics, mainly including the following aspects:
(1) building curtain wall itself is building links with the outside world and segments of the media, so the construction curtain wall design of visualization is mainly the outside facade visual problems, therefore, the main visual design modeling and rendering space visual modeling, below the plane or space curved surface (or combination of plane and space curved surface in various forms)The whole presents the characteristics of the combination of macroscopic surface and local curtain wall structure.

(2) The visualization of architectural curtain wall is the rendering and realistic pre-presentation under various natural environments: light, wind and rain, and different viewing angles. Within this request, it is different from the major such as narrow spectrum, single light source, intensity of illumination visual characteristics, building curtain wall rendering must consider the natural light spectrum,( from ultraviolet to infrared light of full spectrum), multiple source (in addition to natural out light, consider building their own reflection of other neighboring buildings), and variable light intensity of illumination. There are also glass curtain wall transmittance, reflective, refractive light characteristics, all these factors make the rendering of glass curtain wall extremely complex.

(3)Due to the changing characteristics of natural light, the lighting characteristics of the building curtain wall show a strong time correlation, that is, different seasons in a year, different times of the day, will show different visual features. This requires the rendering of the commercial curtain wall to consider not only the light and shadow effects of the space, but also the influence of the time factor change on these light and shadow effects. In architectural visual design, the use and collocation of architectural effects and colors should be coordinated and integrated with the surrounding environment of the building, and consistent with the specific functions of the building. Specifically, for buildings with cultural, educational, medical and sports functions, the relatively pure light color tone should be preferred, and strong color contrast should not be adopted. And the government, court buildings should choose relatively thick, dignified rendering color effect. And commercial buildings can use billboards, posters, long notes and other elements with warm colors and relatively strong contrast, plus relatively dense, noisy crowd to emphasize its commercial atmosphere.

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