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Tianjin galvanized steel pipe are widely used in curtain wall buildings today

As a rule, the erection of curtain walls shall be in accordance with the relevant state regulations concerning labor safety and hygiene and the current industrial standards, safety technical specifications for building activities at height. Besides, there are many preparations you should make before you start your curtain wall building project in future.

First of all, it is very important for you to choose the proper types of steel structural frames in your curtain wall building. In the current steel pipe market, Tianjin galvanized steel pipe is one typical structural steel pipe widely used as structural frames in curtain wall buildings for many years due to its strength and stability in use. Especially in recent years, Tianjin galvanized steel pipes have critical sources of competitive advantages, which include such factors as the quality of management and leadership, ability to innovate and commercialize new products, ability to pinpoint and respond to emerging opportunities, and etc. Tianjin square steel pipes are considered a versatile structural building frame in the current steel pipe market. For example, the flat square surfaces can ease construction.

At present, China hollow section tubes are very popular in the global steel pipe market, which are available in many forms for intended purposes, in curtain wall buildings. Especially Tianjin hollow section tubes production technology has got more improved and matured these years. For example, Tianjin hollow section tubes have rounded corners resulting in a better protection than that with sharp corners. Furthermore, Tianjin square galvanized steel pipes by virtue of its own unique natural geographical advantages and many years of foreign export experience in trade business, play an important role in international steel pipe market today. Due to the good performances of durability, strength and resistance to harsh environment conditions, Tianjin gi square steel pipe as an important building material used in the construction industry tends to serve a wide range of functions often. For example, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe has been considered popular a lot among many users in the current steel pipe market today. With the layer of protection, hot dipped galvanized steel pipes can be used in outdoor areas, and can withstand the harm from some of the environmental effects. Nowadays, Tianjin galvanized steel tube has accounted for a large proportion in the global steel pipe market. Every year, more than half of the country’s galvanized steel pipes are from Tianjin.

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