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Steel industry requirements

There are 28 references to “high-quality development” in the outline, sending a strong signal that more attention will be paid to high-quality development. As an important basic raw material industry for the development of the national economy, the steel pipe B2B provides an important support for China’s economic development. By 2020, China’s iron and steel industry has established the most complete modern production system in the world, with 19 out of 22 categories of iron and steel products achieving 100% self-sufficiency and the other 3 categories nearly 99%, making it one of the most globally competitive industries in China.

A 1% difference is still a 100% effort. Entering the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the industry towards the high-end of the iron and steel industry put forward higher requirements for effective supply, clear the development process of imbalance, inadequate problems, through the supply side structural reform, find the right direction and way, to adapt to the new development pattern, which is the inevitable choice for the future development of China’s iron and steel industry. In the past 70 years and more, China’s iron and steel industry has successfully solved the problem of whether the quantity of round steel tube for sale is good or not. In the future, the key is to solve the problem of good or not. To promote industrial transformation and achieve the goal of high-quality development, we need to focus on three key areas.

First, low-carbon development. Low-carbon and green development is an important content, key embodiment and ultimate goal of promoting the high-quality development of China’s iron and steel industry. In the future, China’s steel industry will promote a new round of supply-side structural reform with higher quality and a higher level of dynamic balance between supply and demand of rectangular hollow section under the leadership of low-carbon.
Second, intelligence leads development. With the application of intelligent manufacturing, especially the emergence of 5G technology, a single production line will be endowed with the function of manufacturing different varieties and specifications in different periods, so as to solve the contradiction between the personalized needs of users and the mass production of large factories. Derived from intelligent steel future Dream-works is a systematic project, including not only the intellectualization of steel itself, but also the intellectualization and wisdom of users and related industries, as well as the concept transformation and ability improvement of people.

Third, innovation-driven development. Overall promotion of “reinforcing weakness”, “strengthening foundation” and “promoting improvement”, focusing on the core technologies of a number of key steel materials, enhancing the first-mover advantage in product development and industrial upgrading of China hollow section through forward-looking and original achievements, and finally realizing the iterative upgrading of core technologies, contributing Chinese wisdom to the development of the global steel industry.

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