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Steel tube manufacturers or trading companies

Nowadays, with increasingly development of modernization, there is a huge demand for steel pipes such as galvanized steel pipe in both industrial and petrochemical fields and there are more and more ways to purchase steel pipes. In addition to purchasing directly from the factory, it can also be purchased from intermediary namely trading companies. As many factories lack of professional sale staff, they will franchise trade companies to sell steel pipes. Actually, steel pipe quality is of most importance no matter in plant or in trade companies. However, you may wonder which one is the best purchase channel. As you know, purchasing channel is also very crucial to the steel pipe quality that determine the final project. So making a suitable choice is very important.

Therefore, how to choose the purchase channel? In fact, these two kinds of buying approaches both have advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, more favorable price can be obtained from the factory directly. For example, the price of round steel pipe offered by the factory is different from that by trading companies. Of course, the pipe price form factory will be slightly lower. However, each factory in the production of different materials in different pipe specifications has different advantages and disadvantages. If you purchase steel pipes from trading companies, you will be saved from various troubles in choosing steel pipes as trade companies have already choose suitable steel pipe manufacturers who are in trust by trade companies. Besides, the steel pipe quality can also be guaranteed because before your purchase trading companies have already make an investigation about steel pipes such as square steel pipe involved in pipe quality and performance. That means trading companies can help customers find the best steel pipe suppliers.

In addition, in terms of service, the service from trading company is much better than that of the factory since the trading companies have professional after-sell team solving various questions from customers and they always put customers at the first place. In China, most steel tube manufacturers are located on the edge of city or in remote areas where sale condition is not comparable with trading companies and the obstacles include transportation and communication. These obstacles can be harmful to work efficiency. While trading companies belong to service industry to some extent and they can serve as a good communication link, providing the detailed pipe size sheet such as rectangular steel tube sizes. Therefore, steel pipe manufacturers who also have their own factory is more and more prevalent such as Tianjin steel pipe supplier.

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