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Steel industry events of October

On October 11, the meeting of the national energy commission was held. The meeting proposed to develop energy supply of square steel pipe in a diversified way and improve energy security based on China’s basic national conditions and development stage. According to China’s coal-based energy and resource endowment, we should scientifically plan the layout of coal development, speed up the construction of coal transmission and power transmission corridors, promote safe and green coal mining, clean and efficient development of coal power, and effectively develop and utilize coal bed methane. We will step up domestic oil and gas exploration and development, increase reserves and increase production, and increase self-sufficiency in oil and gas. We will deepen open, win-win and diversified international oil and gas cooperation. Strengthening oil and gas security reserve and emergency support capacity. Steel pipe suppliers will develop renewable energy sources such as wind power and photovoltaic power, and increase the consumption of clean energy.


We will focus on areas of weakness and promote the development of major energy projects. We need to speed up the development and utilization of key technologies and major equipment, explore ways to commercialize advanced energy storage and hydrogen energy, and rely on the Internet to develop new energy industries, new forms of business, and new models. We will deepen market-oriented reform in the energy sector, relax restrictions on oil and gas exploration and development, investment in oil and the networks of hot rolled rectangular steel tube, liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving stations, facilities for storing and peak regulating gas, and market access for power distribution. We will encourage the active participation of all types of private capital. We will improve oversight of the energy market and ensure production safety.

On October 10, China baowu and masteel group management docking opening meeting was held in masteel. Hu wangming, deputy secretary and general manager of the baowu party committee, called on the meeting to accelerate the pace of integration and realize coordinated development through docking. He pointed out that currently, the reorganization of China baowu masteel group has entered the substantive operation stage, China baowu attaches great importance to the plan to set up a leading group of integration and integration, make integration plans, dig synergies, explore incentive mechanism, and promote cultural integration. Mr Hu said that masteel’s unique product structure of mild steel tube was a useful complement to China’s baowu product range. To speed up product coordination, improve the plate market share, market influence and pricing power, the collaborative optimization of product service system, service capability and service standard has great potential.

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