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Pre galvanized steel rectangular and square tube

There are many kinds of steel pipes, but the galvanized steel pipe like pre galvanized steel pipe is the leader of the pipe industry and they are widely used in all walks of life. When it comes to the types of steel pipes, many people will consider applying galvanized steel pipes. Pre galvanized steel pipe is a kind of galvanized steel tube. Besides, there are two kinds of smelting way of galvanized steel tube. One is cold galvanizing, the other is hot galvanizing. It is noticing that the cold galvanizing method is gradually exiting the stage of history due to the backwardness of smelting and the most popular method is hot galvanizing.


The production of galvanized steel pipe is on the basis of common steel pipe like black steel pipe which is the raw material of the construction pipe. That means the common pipe will be plated a layer of zinc coating to form galvanized steel pipe. However, the thickness of a layer of zinc should meet the industry standards. We should take into account the thickness of the outer and inner tube. The modelling of steel tube is different, the requirements of galvanizing layer is also different. However, the galvanizing layer of the solder tube and the square pipe is similar. Therefore, in the process of smelting, the smelting should be forged in strict accordance with international specifications which is not set by individual.

The shape of steel tube will affect the steel pipe price. For example, the price of square steel pipe is higher than that of round steel pipe. But the specific price is subject to the market standard. In addition, the different types of steel pipes need to be classified by customers. How to distinguish galvanized steel pipe is a issue and the solution to the problem is not unique. On the one hand, the chemical action of the solution is one of the solutions, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to destroy the galvanizing layer of the galvanized steel tube. Another method is to use relevant instruments to know if the steel tube contains zinc and amount of zinc.

No matter production of rectangular steel pipe or square steel tube, steel pipe manufacturers should consider the environmental factor which will also affect the steel pipe price. We need to know that the solution to the price is closely related to the downstream industry. So we can not ignore any links. In general, the development of downstream industry will affect the development of pipe industry.

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