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Two basic categories of galvanized steel pipe

Galvanized steel pipe is designed to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipes by reprocessed to plate a layer of zinc on the outside. The zinc coating can make the galvanized steel pipe more effective. From the perspective of the classification of this kind of steel pipe, it can mainly be divided into hot dipped galvanized steel pipe and cold galvanized steel pipe. Of course, the different classification standards will lead to an opposite pipe category. Therefore, mastering more relevant classification method is beneficial to understanding more details about various steel pipes. However, what is the specific property of the steel pipe processed with different production forms?

galvanized steel pipe dipped galvanized steel pipe
Hot dipped galvanized steel pipe will go through the form of alloy layer by a kind of special processing form so that the molten metal can react with iron. After that, there is a certain of zinc coating formed on the pipe surface, which can play out a better effect for application. However, the requirements of this kind of processing technology are quite many. First of all, the iron oxide on the pipe surface should be removed, then the pickling process for the pipe is necessary. At last, in order to maintain the stable property of the steel pipe, it must be cleaning in aqueous solution. Only by these complex processing procedures, can the zinc layer on the steel tube surface be more evenly, which can greatly enhance the adhesion ability to improve the corrosion resistance. The galvanized round steel pipe has more wider application range compared with square steel pipe.

2.cold galvanized steel pipe
The quality of cold galvanized steel pipe is a little poor compared with hot dipped galvanized steel pipe. Actually, cold galvanizing is the way of electroplating and the zinc quantity is less. So the performance of corrosion resistance will exist some differences. From the view of pipe quality, the most guaranteed method is hot dip galvanized processing whose application scope is also quite large. Nowadays, just small-scale companies will adopt cold galvanizing method because the application effect as well as scope is not so ideal. By the way, environmental factor will affect the steel pipe price, so steel pipe manufacturers will be more concerned with this aspect to adjust their processing method. In choosing steel pipes, we should know how to identify these two kinds of steel pipe. So do you have any doubts about that?

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