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Information system of steel pipe industry

Intelligence has the following characteristics: first, it has the perception ability, that is, the ability to perceive the external world and obtain external information, which is the prerequisite and necessary condition for the generation of intelligent activities. Second, it has the ability of memory and thinking, that is, it can store perceived external information and knowledge generated by thinking, and can use existing knowledge to analyze, calculate, compare, judge, associate and make decisions on information of China hollow section tube. The third is to have learning ability and adaptive ability, that is, through the interaction with the environment, continue to learn and accumulate knowledge, so that they can adapt to the changes in the environment.The fourth is the ability to make behavioral decisions, that is, to respond to external stimuli to form decisions and convey relevant information.

The core of intelligent control is information physical system (CPS). The overall architecture of the system is: perception (physical) layer, network layer, computing layer. The iron and steel industry is a process industry, so the information system of the galvanized steel pipe must be a whole process, able to realize the comprehensive analysis, control and management of material flow, information flow and energy flow.Wang guodong stressed. He further pointed out that with the enrichment of technical means and the improvement of computing power, the approach to solving problems will change from the traditional approach of dividing complex problems into relatively simple levels and solving problems layer by layer to the flat development approach of “cross-layer and cross-domain”.

The flat two-tier architecture is “cloud intelligence layer” and “local decision layer”. The cloud intelligence layer has low-real-time MES, ERP and BI (business intelligence) functions, achieving the comprehensive coordination of multiple objectives such as quality, equipment capability, cost, resources and human resources.”Local decision-making layer” has functions of high real-time PCS (process control system), BA (building equipment automatic control system) and sensors, supplemented by artificial intelligence, big data and other new technologies to enhance computing power and real-time.Online dynamic adjustment between the two levels, flexible and coordinated to achieve the improvement of quality and efficiency of square steel pipe. In order to better realize flat development, enterprises need edge computing.The application of edge computing can realize the intelligent control of near-field devices, devices and systems, solve the uncertainty caused by network delay, reduce the cloud burden, and at the same time take care of the collaboration between cloud computing and terminal. Steel pipe suppliers can benefit from this system.

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