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How to inspect straight seam welded steel pipe

Straight seam welded steel pipe widely used in industrial production is quite special compared with round steel pipe that pipe shape is seen most often in all walks of life. Besides, quality requirements for straight seam welded steel pipe stay at a high level. For example, gas company whose priority demand is pipe quality will purchase straight seam welded steel pipe for transporting coal gas. They are more willing to buy steel pipes with premium quality although the pipe price is relatively high to avoid potential risks caused by poor pipe quality. And company can not shirk their responsibilities. Therefore, the concentrated advantage of the steel tube manufacturer is not only reflected in the production of the straight welded steel pipe, but also more in its ability to detect for finding out interior steel pipe.

Hot Rolled Rectangular and Square Steel Tube

The detection method of galvanized square steel pipe and round steel pipe is similar, most of which are tested by physical method. Here is a look at how to distinguish among galvanized steel pipes as follow. The most common method to differentiate steel pipes is according to appearance. One of the methods of steel tube detection is the magnetic test. Because of the penetration and tiny cracks inside the steel tube, it is almost impossible to recognized by human naked eyes. Only by using the physical method of magnetic flaw detection, can we efficiently discover the surface injury or defects. Of course, according to different kinds of galvanized steel pipe, the method of magnetic flaw detection is divided into many types such as magnetic particle analysis, magnetic induction analysis and magnetic recording analysis. We can select one simple method to inspect round steel pipe with simple pipe structure.

In addition, for different kinds of galvanized steel pipe, the penetration test can also be used. Moreover, for some special galvanized steel tubes, we can also use X-ray detection,ultrasonic testing and so on. Obviously, the above mentioned steel pipe detection methods are now not widespread and the small-scale processing plant is hard to adopt it because of high processing cost. So it is the premise of quality assurance to choose professional steel pipe manufacturers with time-honored reputation. Brand companies can also offer customers excellent after-sell services. What is more important is that when you purchasing steel pipes professional steel pipe suppliers can give you precise advice, it can help you make desirable choice. Hope you can leave messages below freely if any doubts.

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