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Concerted efforts have been made to unleash the green potential of steel

Over the past 70 years, a number of leading green steel pipe suppliers with advanced energy conservation and environmental protection have emerged in the steel industry. Some steel enterprises have not yet achieved comprehensive and stable emission standards, and some have even invested very little in energy conservation and environmental protection. Although these enterprises are not the mainstream of China’s iron and steel industry, their damage to the environment and the overall image of the iron and steel industry can not be ignored.To solve this problem, we need to build a long-term mechanism of scientific and standardized environmental protection, adhere to the combination of strict supervision and effective incentives, and highlight differentiated management. At present, the green product evaluation system and environmental protection credit system are yet to be established and improved, and the fair and impartial supervision of hollow section manufacturers with different environmental protection levels also needs to be further implemented.

We expect relevant government departments at all levels to take root in the concept of “who protects the environment benefits”, strengthen supervision and management, increase the cost of environmental violations, and mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole industry and society to protect the ecological environment. In terms of capacity structure, the right way to promote green development is to allow enterprises that have achieved ultra-low emissions to fully release high-quality capacity while limiting capacity with high pollutant emissions.Secondly, the green value contained in the large-scale production of iron and steel industry and the development of circular economy has not been properly evaluated and fully exploited. The iron and steel industry has three functions: product manufacturing, energy conversion, social waste consumption and resource recovery. It is an important carrier for the development of circular economy.For example, steel products such as rectangular hollow section are better than other materials in strength.

Again, for example, iron and steel production with high temperature, the characteristics of process, large surplus energy resources, high quality, both within the enterprise to carry out the “number”, or in combination with related industries to carry out the “cycle” of matter and energy. However, the value of such circular economy is generally underestimated, which needs to be fully exploited and utilized. At the same time, the policy and interest barrier between the various industries also restrict the further development of steel circular economy. To promote and lead the green revolution, the achievements of the steel industry have proved that we can achieve results as long as we want to.Going forward, we need to take ultra-low and near-zero emissions of mild steel tube as a starting point, work together to address the difficulties and pain points in green development, and make greater contribution to the progress of human ecological civilization.

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