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China pre galvanized piping factory

China pre galvanized piping factory

Product Description
We are a leading name in manufacturing and exporting of Pre Galvanized Steel Tubes. Customization of our products is also done as per customers” requirements.

Application: Used for transporting low pressure liquid, gas and heating.
Specification: OD: 21.3mm ~ 610mm
WT: 0.5mm ~ 20mm
LENGTH: 0.3mtr ~ 18mtr, Ramdon Length, Fixed Length, SRL, DRL

The Pre Galvanized Pipes made using qualitative steel are pre coated from zinc that further adds to the strength of metal and resist corrosion. These are available in several lengths, sizes and thickness as per the requirements of our customers. The pipe is made from finest metal, making it corrosion resistant and robust in design. We give due emphasis on providing dimensionally uniform pipes, which are manufactured with precision and accuracy. We go through several quality checks before making our pre galvanized pipes available in the market.

MS Galvanised Sheets are used to manufacture these GP Tubes which are highly durable, stable and adhere to a long sustainability without atmospheric corrosion.

As a sophisticated steel pipe producer in China, we often conduct the second testing in advance. Before production, choosing and checking the suitable raw material is fundamental to the overall construction project. In terms of checking, do you know the testing aspects it contained? At first, we may check the surface of our products to avoid obvious scratching or rusting. It is well known to us that steel pipe surfaces should be evenly without grease or oil. Smooth surface is benefit to make a tight-fitting components. Secondly, gauging thickness is also involved in the testing process. Thickness must be precise in order to accord with the requirement of you. Besides, zinc layer is also very important for customers. Last but not the least, we can have third party checked our steel pipes according to the request of customers.

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