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Welding defect

We all know that welded steel pipe can be produced through the technology of welding. However, do you know what is a welding defect? Actually, a welding defect can occur in any type of welding job comprising the use and function of the object. Do you know why this phenomenon happen? There are a number of reasons that include the improper application of materials during the process, or the failure of the welders performing the tasks in a complete and efficient way. Besides, we should also need to pay attention to the technique adopted by welders for a given job. In addition, exterior conditions will cause a certain amount of damage to the welding.

What is the concrete manifestation of welding defect? Cracks are one of the most common manifestations. Different circumstances may cause the nature of the cracking. For example, when the location for the weld is struck by the welding rod, arc strike cracking will occur. Actually, contact does not play a significant role in creating a sold weld. Cold rolled steel pipe is not very hard so preventing cracking is more necessary. In the process of production, heat input may be not kept in an acceptable range which will cause cold cracking. Of course, there are a wide range of cracks ranging from reheat, under-bead to crater cracking as well. We should address these cracks in a proper way in most situations so as to hold up strains on a large scale.


Welder who has something to do with the failure of welding is a crucial factor for welding defect. Selecting a welder who is qualified for this job is very important and we also need to open training courses for welders, because welder will make the decision which techniques are proper. As you know, different types of welding techniques are designed for application with various objects such as hot rolled steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, So the failure of making the desired choice will lead to welding defect.

If you choose a correct technique, the failure operation will also cause welding defect such as lingering too long or moving too quickly. Steel pipe manufacturer should make sure the process is proper. As a welder, you also need to learn more knowledge about welding in advance. All in all, selection of the right equipment and the best technique for a welding job is very important in ways that avoid the potential defects for materials. Do you have more questions about welding defect? Feel free to contact us.

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