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The type, price and application of welded steel pipes

When it comes to pipelines, the most common one is welded steel pipe which is very popular among customers. This is because this kind of steel pipe has some obvious advantages. Toady, we will analyse the advantages, types, price as well as applications of welded steel pipes. The first advantage is pipe quality that is very obvious compared with other common pipes like plastic pipes. If the raw material is steel, its quality is better in terms of the ability of good bearing and press-resistance. Steel pipes have better load bearing capacity than plastic pipes and the ability to withstand pressure is also very strong. Moreover, the degree of corrosion is high because steel is one of the very corrosion resistant material.

However, how to classify the welded steel pipes? The types and applications of welded steel pipes are always the concern to many customers. Here are two main specifications of welded steel pipes. One is round steel pipe and the other one is square steel tube. The classification standard is obvious according to the pipe term. In addition, these two kinds of steel pipe have their own size which is determined by caliber diameter. What I want to mention here is the difference between their own specifications.

According to our usual view, the square is formed by the long width and height of the solid geometry, while the circle is constructed according to the radius. So their specifications also conform to this principles. The square tubing sizes is to provide the long and wide height of the steel tube as well as the wall thickness, while the circular tube specification is to provide the radius of this steel tube for determination. For customers, it is important to understand the differences between these two steel pipes.

When speaking of pipe application which is quite widely, some are used in production of daily life and some are used in other fields. Even some mechanical parts are sometimes made up of steel pipe. Although steel pipe application field is very wide, the fluctuation of steel pipe price is less because the steel pipe market is quite stable which is beneficial from steel material and transportation. These two main aspects are relatively less floating, so the price float of the steel pipe is also low. If you want to know more knowledge about welded steel pipes, you can leave messages below and feel free to consult our professional team.

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