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Steel enterprises advance layout of emission reduction

Data show that China’s crude steel output from January to October was 829 million tons, up 7.4% year on year. Steel output of mild steel tube was 1.001 billion tons, up 9.8% year on year. Profits at cisa member companies fell 32 per cent in the first three quarters from a year earlier, while margins on sales fell 3 percentage points, amid a sharp increase in production.

Li xinchuang, President of the metallurgical industry planning and research institute, pointed out that domestic demand has created a better market environment for the steel industry, with China’s steel consumption reaching 742 million tons in the first 10 months, up 6.68% year on year. But at the same time, the steel industry is also facing a lot of challenges and difficulties, such as the rapid release of capacity, the rise of international trade protectionism, and the rise of enterprise costs. At a deeper level, the increase in production and efficiency of the steel industry reflects the reality that the industry is large but not strong, independent innovation capacity is not strong, the level of green development is not high, the degree of industrial concentration is low, added value of galvanized steel pipe is generally lower deep-seated contradictions to be further solved, the importance of reform and innovation is further highlighted.

At present, leading iron and steel enterprises have made new progress in promoting restructuring and integration, such as China baowu integrated masteel. More steel enterprises are based on their own efforts to practice internal work, speed up the way to adjust the structure. According to zhang liuyu, vice President of jiangsu yonggang group co., LTD., yonggang has cut costs by 760 million yuan this year by implementing classified management in accordance with rectangular hollow section, special steel and superior steel. It is worth noting that this year’s increase in the production of China’s steel industry does not increase efficiency, and the import of iron ore prices and other raw fuel cost factors directly related to the erosion of profits. However, the domestic increasingly rich scrap resources, also brought hope to the industry. In 2018, China’s scrap steel supply was about 200 million tons, up 10%. The supply of structural steel pipe is expected to exceed 250 million tons in 2025. Industry experts believe that the development of scrap steel as raw material for the short process of electric furnace, can significantly improve the steel industry production structure and resource structure, reduce energy consumption.The data show that for every 10% increase in the proportion of electric steel, the energy consumption of corresponding ton of steel can be reduced by 50 kg of standard coal, and the carbon dioxide emission of ton of steel can be reduced by 0.14 ton.

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