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Scaffolding boards

Scaffolding boards may also be called scaffolding planks or scaffolding platforms which is a specific part of a scaffolding structure that are made of long wood or steel sheet. The function of scaffolding boards is laid across ledgers and transoms to provide a place for workers to stand while working on it, which may not be height-adjustable. Pre galvanized steel sheet can turn into scaffolding boards as well as pre galvanized steel pipe. Much varieties have achieved in the specification of scaffolding boards.


The scaffolding boards are widely used in construction because of its good performance that they are very solid as well as easily stacked in transport. Some builders are likely to choose wood planks instead of aluminum or steel platform because of the price, as steel pipe prices is higher than that of the wood. The wood planks are doubled to give more support to heavy work materials and the overhanging ends of the planks can also provide a place to set materials. No matter choosing wood or steel platform, our purpose is to complete the construction project and we should concentrate our attention on the quality and our reality purposes.

scaffolding board

As we all know that scaffolding boards not only save time, but also provide safety working condition and they are also adjusted to desired height while building the scaffolding. In some conditions, scaffoldings are equipped with both an aluminum and a wood scaffolding plank on the basis of the requirement of the construction. If the weather is not clement, the wooden planks may be placed by the steel one. Steel pipe manufacturer should inspect the product quality in advance when the order of scaffolding is concluded, as life is prior to the profit.


The type and size of scaffolding boards can vary according to the request of scaffolding structure. In the case of stairways, the platforms of scaffolding may be required to alter to accept the top and bottom of the stairways while in other conditions, a ladder is attached to the structure to ensure the workers climbing from one level to another, which is somewhat dangerous so the stairs are the safest methods for climbing. Speaking of safety, you can consult the previous passage ‘Tips for erecting scaffolding’ when assembling the scaffolding. Scaffolding structure can be built quite large and expansive while scaffolding platforms are smaller. So you should learn of the entire project ahead of initiation, purpose is very important.

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