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Hollow sections steel tube are the most versatile and efficient form for construction and mechanical applications.It is also called hollow structrual tube,HSS tubing and son on

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Rectangular hollow section

Today, rectangular hollow section is be seen as the most efficient and versatile product in construction and mechanical manufacturing and maybe this phenomenon is not surprising. The most common shape used is rectangular. There are two basic ways to make a rectangular hollow section so that we can get similar results. A hot rolled hollow section is formed in a mill and creates one solid piece with no seams. There is no difference in strength or capabilities of either process for the obvious esthetic look.

we can produce different types of steel pipes and the length is controllable. Besides, we have advanced technology and equipment controlled by computer, which can customize the length of steel pipes according to the customers’ requirements. In terms of galvanized steel pipes, the length we can produce is ranging from 3 to 16 meter while the length of black steel pipes is from 4.5 to 16 meter. The common lengths for galvanized steel pipe are 3.05m, 3.75m, 5.8m,12m, 7.3m,6m etc. As to black steel pipe, the common lengths are 4.5m,5.8m,6,9,12 etc. Generally speaking, allowable length tolerance is about 0-20mm using fixed length saw. The tolerance can be controlled under 5mm with the process of second saw cutting. Notably, the tolerance is even around ±1mm through the tool of small saw with below 100mm diameter.

hollow section pipe

The weld line can be controlled with our precision instrument in the fitting place. For rectangular steel pipe, the weld line will exist in small sides in order to stand heavy weight. Customers who request factories produce rectangular steel pipes with weld line in small sides may have a project for steel doors or windows. Round steel pipe can also control the welding line. Rectangular hollow section is also know as box steel ,tube steel or rectangular steel tube and are also called structural tubing to the people in the architectural world and construction world. RHS can be used in many residential, commercial and industrial construction applications. The uses of the steel rectangular sections are greatly diversified. Many new possibilities of designers are opened up by rectangular hollow section technologies.

Another factor we should consider is the cost and production of the rectangular hollow section. Steel pipe price is different because of different shape and property. The sections are preformed from the factory and shipped directly to the building site. ASTM A500 is the most common steel specification for hollow structural section in north American. Do you want to know more information about this pipe?

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