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China erw round steel pipe regional development in 2019

As a rule, most typical erw steel pipes from China are standardized in the steel market. With the further development of modern society and the overall development of economic construction, customers’ application needs of pipes also become diversified. More and more customers prefer customized pipes according to their actual application demand. As a result, non-standard pipes occupy a large share of the current steel market. However, as there exists great difference in pipe specifications between the domestic and international market. Therefore, it seems very necessary to adjust the product specifications at any time.

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Steel pipe price has always been a central topic of communication between customers and manufacturers. In an ideal sense, all the customers prefer products of high quality with reasonable price. Thus, it requires customers to make rational judgments and reasonable choice in the actual purchase. In general, manufactures tend to give customers a detailed quotation including different steel pipe specifications and the corresponding pipe pricing at first. Take square steel pipe for an example. It is strongly suggested to formulate the uniform pipe pricing if the steel pipe enterprise determines to carry out sales activities in a certain region. In a sense, this will facilitate a price protection strategy. For customers this can also be considered a relatively fair means of marketing in the fierce competitive pipe market. Besides, to make the uniform steel pipe price in a certain area also promote the management of business in the steel market, and better avoid the possible price wars between enterprises. Furthermore, this is more favorable for the orderly development of the steel market in future.

Generally speaking, diverse resource integration means the full play and better integration of steel pipe manufacturers in certain region in the steel industry. Considering different steel pipe manufacturers have their own feature resource, if we can achieve the effective integration of all these distinct advantages of resources, it will become very beneficial to the overall development of steel pipe business in certain region. Besides, human power is always considered the first major resource in the development of pipe manufacturers, because the talent play an integral role in the production and development of the steel market. In other words, if there is a lack of the talent advantage, the enterprise will easily lose the core competitive strength, and have great difficulty in the further development in the long run.

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