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Correct ways to pack different carbon round steel pipes before shipment

In general, there are always various purposes of packaging. Moreover, good package can make the product image more impressive to stimulate the customers’ desire for the purchase of products. Package plays a very important role in steel pipes before shipment in life. As the saying goes, the tailor makes the man and the packer beautifies the goods.

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The original intention of the correct package is to protect products from adverse environment impact. For one thing, the distinctive and innovative packaging can be regarded as not only a gorgeous coat for products to help to increase its attraction. For the other thing, high quality package is also considered an effective “umbrella” to prevent products from wear and tear. Therefore, it seems necessary for steel pipe suppliers to know how to make proper packing for different types of pipes.

First of all, we must make a relatively definite product position before determining the final package. Generally speaking, high cost and high grade products will require more refined grade packaging while general products will not be too particular about packaging. In terms of hot dipped galvanized steel pipe, it will be not necessary for customers to require packaging in most cases. As for black steel, common steel pipe packaging includes brush paint, anti-corrosion and wrapped cloth. In foreign trade, cold rolled steel pipe recently occupies a large proportion in the international market. The pipe transportation has become very important. As pipe packaging can be seen as a kind of service, it is also an important factor to influence the final business trade between two parties. Therefore, it is necessary for us to recognize a few main factors to select the proper packaging. As a rule, steel pipe supplier will determinate the final packaging per as strict import & export requirements. On the other hand, different customers may also require definite packaging in advance according to their specific needs. And what we should do is to choose the right and proper packaging to promote the final business trade.

Sometimes, round steel pipes have large amount of procurement. Nevertheless, it is inevitably subject to various losses during the trip from the factory to the final destination. In some senses, solid packing will help to ensure intact products with little damages during the transportation. Especially, for PVC pipe or PE pipe, in addition to pay attention to packaging, the type of pipe should be treated gently and avoid friction and collision during the transportation.

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