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AS/NZS 1163 “Cold-formed structural steel hollow sections”

AS/NZS 1163 “Cold-formed structural steel hollow sections”

Characteristics   Tolerances  
External dimensions   1%, with minimum of  0.5mm  
Thickness (t)   10%  
Concavity / Convexity   Max. 0.8% or 0.5mm, whichever is greater  
Squareness of sides   90 1  
External corner profile   (Equivalent to 50×50 or less) 1.5t to 3.0t  
    (Equivalent to greater than 50×50) 1.8t to 3.0t  
Twist   2mm+0.5mm/m in length  
Straightness   0.15% of total length  
Mass per unit length   Not less than 0.96 times the specified mass on individual lengths  
Length Mill (or ‘unspecified’) length   0, +100mm
  Precision length    
    L 6,000mm   0, +5mm
    6,000mm L 10,000mm   0, +15mm
    10,000mm  L   0, +5mm+1mm/m


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Following the current diversified consumption trend in the steel market, we always adhere to the dedication to meet the customized needs of different customers from different regions in the world. It is believed that you can always find your desired products here.

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