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What are the advantages of Tianjin steel pipe company

With the development of economy and technology, the steel pipe industry also get a rapid progress. Tianjin steel pipe company has adapted to this trend and the main product is welded steel pipe. With its technology and management, it has ranked in the top 500 companies since 2007. So what are the concentration advantages of steel pipe manufacturers?

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1.The production technology
Steel pipe companies in Tianjin has adopted more advanced technology in the production process. The production technology can be divided into four types that is steel-making introduced from the British company, rolling technology, tube technology and heat treatment, which are all the world’s largest in scale and sophistication. The complete set of equipment for rolling tube technology was introduced in Italy to guarantee the advanced nature of the process. The processing and heat treatment technology have many lines, which guarantee the quality of the pipe such as hot dipped galvanized steel pipe. research and development
If a company can have a long-term development, it will depend on not only technology but also its core production craft. Tianjin steel tube company has world-class enterprise technology center and develops their own core technology. In addition, they also hire lots of professional technical personnel, academicians to take part in the technology research and development. As Tianjin steel tube company holds its own production skill, it will play an important role in the fluctuations of steel pipe price.

3.the company culture
Corporate culture influence the direction of a company. Steel pipe industry can generate resources waste easily and the production process can produce industrial waste water which will have influence on the environment. Tianjin steel tube company has formed a strict environmental control system and thorough environmental constrain system. The waste emissions are below the average in terms of waste water as well as COD emissions. Therefore, Tianjin steel pipe manufacturers can achieve sustainable development according to the environmental protection requirement. There is still a competitive advantage in the price of the equipment and production technology.

This is a brief introduction to several advantages of Tianjin steel pipe company. The downstream industries of steel pipe also get a rapid development such as steel industry, machinery manufacturing industry. We are looking forward that Tianjin steel pipe company are always conforming to environment standard and make a breakthrough on the production innovation in the near future. If you want to know more knowledge about Tianjin steel pipe, you can leave your doubts below.

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