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Tips before you will start your plastic greenhouse in future

Generally, greenhouses can provide an ideal environment where heat and humidity can be maintained, making it possible to grow crops, flowers, and other plants that normally only grow in warm weather, even during winter. Are you planning to build your own plastic greenhouse in future? That’s a brilliant idea for a project! However, before you will start building your plastic greenhouse, there are a couple of things for you to consider in advance.

1. Durability
The material of your greenhouse will be subjected to quite a lot of extreme conditions. It may need to endure torrential rains, strong winds, or heavy snowfall. Especially for plastic greenhouses, direct sunlight isn’t exactly favorable to all plastics since a lot of them can turn brittle with constant UV exposure. A single tear on your greenhouse plastic can drastically reduce the performance in use, so investing in a high-quality plastic sheet made with the appropriate material will save you from a lot of future headaches.

2. Transparency
In practical applications, one distinctive feature of a greenhouse is to allow sunlight to reach the plants so they can go through photosynthesis. This means that you would want as much sunlight as possible to go through your greenhouse walls. Take glass greenhouses for an example, transparency typically isn’t much of an issue when using clear fiberglass or glass panels but finding the right balance between transparency and thickness can be tricky if you’re using plastic sheets. In addition, a plastic foil greenhouse is a more budget friendly option, but will offer less protection against harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, this type of greenhouse has a shorter lifespan in use. This option is also not the best choice if you’re planning on heating your greenhouse during winter. As the plastic foil is so thin, all the heat would flow right out of your greenhouse.

3. Anti-drip and anti-dust properties
Technically speaking, in cold days, the imbalance between the cold outer surface and the warm interior greenhouse could result in condensation forming on the inner surface of your plastic sheet. These condensate droplets could end up falling on your plants, disturbing the delicate ecosystem that you’ve so carefully crafted by promoting the growth of mildew. In addition, dust buildup can be an even bigger problem for a greenhouse, as it can drastically reduce the transparency of your plastic sheet. Some plastics naturally retain excess charge on their surface, which will make it so much easier for dust to accumulate on your greenhouse panels. Dong Peng Bo Da Steel Pipe Group is a famous steel pipe manufacturer in China. We are committed to providing various types of steel products for your choice in greenhouse projects. Contact us if you have any need in future.

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