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Tianjin Structural steel tube

In the steel pipe industry, Tianjin City can be regarded as a small steel pipe kingdom in the market. Today, along with the tide of economic globalization development, Tianjin structural steel pipe always keeps trying to follow the pace of the development of the times, with a positive attitude into the melting pot of the world’s economic development. In the current steel market, besides the ordinary types of hollow sections, such as circular, square and rectangular hollow sections, some other shapes are also available for certain applications in life. Today, China steel tube factory are committed to customized shapes as per the specific requirements of clients in the world. For example, the elliptical hollow sections have become more popular for architectural designs. Of course, you can often find that some other shapes of hollow structural sections have been used in a variety of infrastructure construction around us.

Structural steel pipe is a category of steel pipe widely used as one kind of building materials in the construction industry today. Tianjin structural steel pipe has been used for a wide range of applications due to its performance of strength and stability in use. As a rule, a structural steel shape is a profile, formed with a specific cross section and following certain standards for chemical composition and mechanical properties. Structural steel shapes, sizes, composition, strengths, storage practices, etc., are regulated by standards in most industrialized countries. Seamless pipe and welded pipe are two common type of hollow structural section in use. An Englishman, named Whitehouse, developed the fire welding of circular hollow sections. And the production of welded circular hollow sections became more important after the development of the continuous welding process in 1930 by an American, named Fretz Moon. Nowadays, welded hollow sections with a longitudinal weld are mainly made employing either electrical resistance welding processes or induction welding processes. Hollow sections, especially CHS, have the most effective cross section for resisting torsional moments, because the material is uniformly distributed about the polar axis.

In the steel pipe market, we can often see many different types of structural steel pipe, and some are much better than other regular pipes for certain particular applications. Recently, Tianjin rectangular hollow section have become very popular in many forms of construction and other structural & mechanical applications. This has been greatly assisted by the section’s inherent flat surfaces making it more economical for joining and other fabrication processes. In addition, like CHS, RHS can be used for architectural aesthetics, possessing clean lines, too. In terms of its appearance and mechanical performance, Tianjin steel pipe is positioned somewhere between a CHS and RHS. The “equal-sided” symmetry of square steel pipe tends to exhibit some of the aesthetic aspects of CHS yet still possess the inherent flat surfaces of RHS for better connectivity. When a balance is required between strength and functionality, SHS are commonly used in many structural and mechanical applications.

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