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The world’s four major miners responded positively to the steel ecosystem

BHP has exported close to 2bn tonnes of iron ore to China over the past 40 years. At the same time, it also witnessed the rapid development of China’s steel industry and equipment manufacturing industry. BHP is committed to working with Chinese steel pipe suppliers to promote sustainable development of the steel industry. We continue to conduct product research and development to further improve the performance of our products and better meet the needs of our customers. Meanwhile, we are also cooperating with Peking University and other institutions in carbon capture, utilization and storage technology. In addition, we recently announced a $400 million climate investment plan. The money will be earmarked for technology development to reduce carbon emissions from its operations and products. We look forward to working with Chinese customers and more industry partners on this.

Vale has built a 46-year-old partnership with China and has made it a top priority to further strengthen strategic trust and cooperation with China steel tube factories. Vale has also organized a series of events, such as high-level visits, technical exchange conferences and technical seminars to strengthen strategic cooperation with Chinese customers. This year, vale also launched new initiatives to enhance strategic customer relationships.To better serve its Chinese customers, vale has also set up a new team in China to provide one-stop solutions. A reasonable and healthy distribution of benefits between the upstream and downstream industries is very important for the booming development of the steel industry, with the focus on achieving win-win results. Experts believe that the long-term prosperity of various industries in the steel industry chain needs to create benign value.Vale will always strive to create more value for its customers and other stakeholders. This value includes not only profits, but also health and safety, sustainability, green projects, as well as structural steel pipe. Vale is committed to working closely with Chinese steel mills to promote sustainable development of the steel industry.

Our operations and marketing functions are tightly integrated, allowing us to focus on operational delivery and meeting customer needs. Close working relationships with customers also enable FMG to respond to market developments, including product portfolio adjustments. In June, we held a technology forum in Hunan, where customer technical representatives and FMG team members met to discuss how to make the best use of products such as mild steel tube, new technologies and emerging trends.This is a good example of how we have integrated our business and marketing strategies and put them into practice.

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