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Galvanized steel piping

Dongpengboda group is located in Daqiuzhuang ,Tianjin, which is the biggest steel pipe production basis in china. After years of endeavors ,we have formed a comprehensive investment pattern of development and we can produce many kinds of steel pipes such as galvanized steel pipe. We have implemented a number of practices to advance our overall development.

The company mainly exports galvanized square and rectangular tube and other kinds of steel pipes. In order to protect from corrosion, steel pipe has been coated with a thin layer of zinc. we’ve seen these pipes are of tremendous benefit to thousands of customers. Here are four reasons why you should choose galvanized steel pipe.


If unprotected, the iron in steel will react with water and oxygen in the air and this will lead to rust, corrosion and eventually disintegration. Galvanization adds a layer of zinc on top of the steel and this layer acts as a barrier to protect it from corrosion. This layer is also resistant to wear and scratches. Cold rolled steel pipe can also turn to galvanized steel pipe.

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This layer of zinc also protect against rust by serving as a “sacrificial layer”. The zinc will rust before the steel if the galvanized steel begin to rust. Even if the galvanized steel pipe show some rust most of the zinc will have to be corroded first.


Some people may think that steel pipe prices is at an all-time high galvanized steel pipe is more expensive but it can actually decrease cost in the long run if you consider its lifespan.


In our life we can find galvanized steel pipe everywhere like in houses skyscrapers cars boats and other marine structures that need protection. Galvanized steel pipe is so ubiquitous because of its durability and anti-corrosive properties and it can also recycled and reused. This will benefit your bottom line as well as the environment.

Those are four reasons why you should choose galvanized steel pipe. Are you looking for a reliable and knowledgeable steel pipe supplier? As one of the largest domestic and international galvanized steel pipe distributors we can supply high quality products. We can also customize our steel pipe to your specific needs. we can put together your project needs and the after-sale services are also at the first class. All materials will meet standards if a particular item is not in stock at the moment of your request we guarantee the shortest time available. There are several types of steel pipe available for use in various applications. Galvanized steel pipe is widely available and relatively affordable.

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