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The connection between customer satisfaction and service quality

We have never seen a society with so much richness and prosperity. For a steel pipe manufacturer, it is very necessary for them to consider the connection between customer satisfaction and service quality. Perhaps thinking how one affects the other is the simplest way to consider this connection. Actually, higher customer satisfaction is the result of advanced service quality. However, there are variables to this equation. For example, if the reference standard is different because of individual personality, their perceptions of service quality are also different. Why they take this connection seriously? Because effective customer satisfaction strategies, after all, can be conducive to the business development.

Some people argue that this connection lies in the service quality itself. That is to say, providing a high service quality can lead to a high customer satisfaction and vice versa. If you want to purchase galvanized steel pipe. You can choose a company which has a higher customer satisfaction. Certain variables can affect the relationship between customer satisfaction and service quality. Perhaps the biggest impact is the customers’ perception of service quality. Reference standards vary in different people. What one customer might think it very well, another customer might regard it as a lower service quality. It is very embarrassed that a company might provide what it believes is high service quality only to find customers are not pleasure.

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A lot of companies scramble to gathering information to analyze customer satisfaction to improve their own business. Such data can help the companies take steps to increase customer satisfaction. The approaches are diverse, ranging from simple one-time questionnaires to lengthier surveys given to the same customers at different angels in time. Once the company gathers the date of the production quantity of square steel pipe, it will analyze it so as to make some adjustments to its service quality.

Although the reference standards and perceptions of quality are different, there is also one factor that remains unchanging in the relationship between customer satisfaction and service quality. That factor is the reality that the level of customer satisfaction can have something to say about the customer loyalty. Customers’ intentions are based on their experience. A customer whose ideal product is round steel pipe will be more likely to buy these products from a company which is well known as a time-honored company. They will buy same products from the same companies and maybe even become a loyal customer.

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