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Tianjin steel pipe price in 2019

Generally speaking, steel industry all along trends to present a dynamistic character in this field. Tianjin steel pipe, a kind of global commodity is very easy to influence by a number of varying factors from overall aspects, which is particularly reflected in steel pipe prices. Furthermore, under the condition of the whole economy market, Tianjin steel pipe price fluctuation generally follows the law of value. Specifically, steel pipe prices are easily affected by the supply and demand in the steel market.

Tianjin steel pipe has always tried to give full play to its own advantages, and actively plays a significant role in the pipe market. Each year, more than 1/3 of welded steel pipes in domestic market are from Tianjin region. Steel pipe price is always considered a very sensitive topic issue in the market economy, which has always been the focus of all the economic trade. By and large, in most cases, there exists a changing trend in the steel pipe price but the overall situation is relatively stable in the steel pipe market in 2019. In fact, Tianjin steel pipe has a great demand in steel pipe market due to its competitive steel pipe price for many years.

Today, China is faced up with a great shift towards national economy and structurally, which makes somewhat adjustment to the waves in the steel industry. At present, with the economy developing at the slowest pace in six years and demand contracting at home, the excess limit is hitting at critical levels, though China’s steel pipe factories have hinted to slowing down production. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary for steel pipe manufacturers to have an objective and rational analysis of the situation in the steel market, and try to reasonably arrange their own production capacity, in order to meet the market demand, and maximize profit returns. In addition, considering that the steel pipe price has always been the topic issue in the actual trade, Tianjin steel pipe manufacturers should also make rational use of the price strategy to win more customers. In the current steel pipe market, hot dipped galvanized steel pipes have made great achievements in processing technology, as well as the sales expansion in the world in recent years. However, we have to realize a fact that steel pipe exports in China still face a bottle-neck issue of exporting large quantity with lower price but importing small quantity with higher price.

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