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The development of world steel industry has entered the “China era”

Yu yong, party secretary and chairman of hesteel group, was inaugurated as the 41st chairman of the world iron and steel association (wsa) at the 2019 world steel congress in monterrey, Mexico, on oct 15, local time. This is the external representation of hesteel group’s brand influence in the international market, and further demonstrates the influence and affinity of China hollow section tube in the world. As the new “director” of the world iron and steel association, how will yu yong interpret steel to the world today?How to promote the harmonious development of world steel industry?How to look forward to the future of the steel industry?In this regard, on November 7, yu yong accepted the “China metallurgical news” exclusive interview.As the new chairman, yu yong said that he will continue to promote the sustainable development of the world steel industry, promote exchanges and cooperation among the industry, strengthen the development and innovation of the industry, and work together to provide the society with more environmentally friendly and more intelligent steel materials, so that the world will be better because of continuous innovation of galvanized steel pipe.

Throughout more than 160 years of the development of the world steel industry, the global pattern has been constantly adjusted, and the focus of production and consumption of mild steel tube has shifted from the United Kingdom and the United States to the former Soviet union and Japan. From 1996, when China’s steel output exceeded 100 million tons for the first time and surpassed Japan as the world’s largest producer of steel, to 2018, China’s total crude steel production reached 10.902 billion tons, accounting for 37.8 percent of the world’s total output in the same period. Especially in the past decade, China has accounted for almost half of the world’s steel production and consumption.

China’s iron and steel industry is not only providing better and better materials at home and abroad, but also contributing more and more to the country’s economy and world development through its experience in green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing and industrial restructuring. Especially today, China has become the world’s second largest economy. With 70 years of development, China has surpassed the development history of western industrial countries for more than 200 years.We are even more proud of the fact that the “tall buildings” of the republic are supported by the “steel bones” of the Chinese steel people. History shows that the development of any developed economy is closely linked to the strong development of the steel industry. China steel tube manufacturer has become the main driving force of this round of global steel industry.

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