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Multiple Advantages of Aluminum Frame Curtain Wall

In the modern times, modern curtain wall design makes an incredibly modern building with clean lines, which look like pleasing to the eye. In particularly in commercial buildings and buildings of notable architecture, aluminium frame curtain wall can provide buildings with pretty appealing appearances as well as a host of practical advantages.

Benefits of Using Aluminum Frame Curtain Wall In Modern Buildings
As it is well acknowledged, aluminum is lighter than steel, flexible and easily shaped into virtually any configuration, 100 percent recyclable, and doesn’t corrode when exposed to water. In that regard, aluminium curtain walls make a hit in the modern buildings nowadays.
1. It’s considered lightweight. Generally speaking, aluminum is one-third the weight of steel and can be made even stronger than the latter in some cases (7,000-series aluminum alloys can withstand pressure of up to 72,000 PSI). Aluminum alloys have high strength-to-weight ratios. Its lightweight nature makes aluminum cheaper and easier to transport, and less onerous (and safer) for building crews on the job site.
2. It’s much stronger. You may not think of the aluminium curtain wall as something that can strengthen your building filled with glass panels. However, such a wonderful type of curtain wall structure can span a number of floors, so as to protect your building from reducing sway and allow it to withstand very strong winds.
3. It’s durable. Aluminum’s thin, invisible oxide skin doesn’t require constant re-finishing, for aluminum frame curtain wall doesn’t stain easily, but lasts for decades in applications. Because aluminum material is resistant to UV radiation, it generally holds its color over the long term better than some other building materials. For example, aluminum frame curtain wall is highly resistant to weathering, even in industrial atmospheres where it tends to often corrode for other metals.
4. It can handle any weather condition. Aluminum doesn’t corrode (it’s a non-ferrous metal, meaning it contains practically no iron) or rot in wet conditions, nor will it warp or expand in extreme outdoor heat.
5. It’s versatile. Aluminum is relatively easy to work with and install, which is widely used for types of curtain wall systems in the modern buildings today. Its malleability means it’s easily manipulated into virtually any custom shape or configuration.
6. It’s environmentally friendly. Although aluminum extraction is energy intensive, 100 percent of all aluminum used in curtain walls can be recycled. Aluminum curtain walls tend to have a thermal value than many other types of building facades, and most fabricators recycle all their scrap metal.

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