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1. Safe Product. This product is safe, easy to install, with wide production range, and has shielding performance and anti-jamming performance, fire prevention and many other good performance. It is the preferred material of modern high-rise threading.

2.Good Raw Materials. This product is processed by high-quality galvanized coil, with zinc layer thickness more than 120G / M², which extends the life of the product. Zinc coating is well-distributed, good finished with smooth surface, without black spots and bubbles, and has strong corrosion resistance. It is suitable for wires protect installation of lighting and machinery equipment in wet, corrosive harsh environment. Higher quality requirements products can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

3. Good Welding Line. Weld line is smooth, and the thickness of inner weld line is less than 0.3 mm, which keep the product suitable for threading and no damage to the wires.

4. De-burred mouth of the product. No burrs will not damage the wire.

5. Perfect Inspection Process. Our company has a perfect product inspection process to ensure that products we offer you are qualified.

6. Withstand a variety of tests. Our products have a perfect performance in the threading test, zinc layer testing, stamping tests, bending tests and other physical and chemical tests.


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