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1.17 Production Lines. Our company has 17 production lines, each production line with multi-sizes moulds, which can produce a variety of different products at the same time, greatly reducing the production cycle.

2. Professional Equipment. Good maintenance of production equipment, and regular servicing ensure the production is running smoothly.

3. Fully Prepared Inventory. Our company has inventory of various kinds and various sizes for you to choose all the year round. When you are in urgent need of purchase, you can directly purchase existing inventory, taking 0 production cycle.

4. Skilled Workers. Workers our company hired have years of production experience, and are skilled, which speed up the production time.

5. Timely Supply of Raw Materials. Our company is agreement household of a lot of big steel mills, with priority to get the raw material, which shorten part of the production cycle.

6. Transport and Export Advantage. We have transport company, ship company and freight forwarder company with many years of cooperation. Our goods can be preferentially transported to the port, and customs clearance and shipping can be in a timely manner.


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