How to purchase good quality of welded steel pipe in the steel pipe market

As there are a variety of welded steel pipes in the current steel pipe market, it becomes a difficult job for most customers to purchase good quality of welded steel pipe for projects, expect for a good luck from God. In reality, it can not be denied that some manufacturers intend to cut comers in order to maximize their profits, which causes lots of shoddy products in steel market. What’s worse, due to substandard products on sale, it will cause certain problems in the practical use in the future and even bring unnecessary economic loss to the users. How to identify the quality of welded steel pipe seems a very important issue for customers today.

Galvanized steel pipe generally has the rational cost effective in the market. Compared with other typical steel pipe coatings, such as specialized painting and powder coating, galvanization is much more labor-intensive, resulting in a higher initial cost for contractors. Besides, due to its durability and anti-corrosive properties, galvanized steel pipe can recycled and reused, which to some degree save a lot of money during the post maintenance work. Hot dipped galvanized pipe has been considered popular a lot among many users today. For one thing, the galvanization process protects the steel from rusting damage that can occur during transportation, installation and service. The zinc layer on the surface of pipe can form a barrier protection for steel products to extend the service life in applications. For the other thing, this layer is also resistant to wear and scratches, which makes the steel look more attractive.

Cold rolled steel pipe has an improved surface finish and tighter tolerances as well as more precise dimensionally compared with other types of steel pipe in the steel pipe market, for this type of steel pipe has already gone through the cooling process, which help it closer to the finished dimension in a mill. Compared with cold rolled steel products, Hot rolled steel is more malleable, allowing it to be forced into a variety of different shapes such as round steel pipe, square steel pipe, rectangular steel pipe and some other shapes of steel products.

In short, In a word, it is always necessary for customers to have the comprehensive product knowledge in order to identify the quality of the steel pipe in the process of choosing the desired products from various unknown products in future.

How to correctly use your welded steel pipe in applications

Among various common welded steel pipes, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe is widely favored by people, for its zinc coating is more corrosion than bare iron and steel. As a rule, corrosion and repair of corrosion damage are multi-billion dollar problems. Although corrosion is a natural phenomenon, and can never be completely eliminated, it seems necessary for uses to utilize adequate corrosion protection systems in harsh environments in order to drastically reduce the costs. On the other hand, finished galvanized steel pipe has a practically effective maintenance-free corrosion protection system which can last for decades in the harshest environment. Practically speaking, most of steel pipe manufacturers tend towards two major variations of the cathodic method of corrosion protection. Zinc is anodic to iron and steel and the galvanized coating provides provides cathodic corrosion protection as well as barrier protection.

As a general, there are some notes on how to have the general care and basic maintenance of your welded steel pipes in the actual application.
1) Try to avoid long period exposure of welded steel pipes to harsh environment where the Ph is below 6 or above 12.
2) Try to avoid direct contact between galvanized pipe and some dissimilar metals, such as brass and copper, particularly in corrosive environment. On the other hand, it has been necessary to ensure an insulator between the dissimilar metal and the galvanized product where dissimilar metals are to be used together.
3) Try to avoid long period of storage of galvanized pipe in damp and poorly ventilated conditions. Ensure the storage place is relatively dry and there is effective ventilation.
4) If there exists physical damage to the galvanized coating of products, it is recommended that the damaged part be repaired per as specific production standard.

Since cold rolled steel pipe has a wide range of applications in life, it is important to understand what factors will affect its performance in different environment and that what notes should users do pay attention to in any actual application. As a rule, corrosion and repair of corrosion damage are multi-billion dollar problems. Although corrosion is a natural phenomenon, and can never be completely eliminated, it seems necessary for users to utilize adequate corrosion protection systems in harsh environments in order to drastically reduce the costs. On the other hand, finished galvanized steel pipe has a practically effective maintenance-free corrosion protection system which can last for decades in the harshest environment.

How to look at China welded steel pipe market in 2019

With the current national modernization process and the rapid development of urbanization, the domestic construction industry has gained an unprecedented rapid development. As a result, there is an increasing demand in the steel market today. Welded steel pipe is one of the important building materials made from an alloy of iron and carbon. It is widely used in the construction industry, but can also be found in a variety of manufacturing and industrial applications. Specifically, in plumbing systems, some welded pipes can be used to transport liquids and gases for commercial or residential buildings and other practical purposes. In any actual business transaction, the vast majority of users pay more attention to the ratio of performance-cost of the pipe. In some senses, it can be considered as the core advantage for China steel pipe manufacturers to provide qualified products with competitive price for customers in the market in 2019.

Meanwhile, a variety of domestic SMEs often find themselves inevitably confronted by various risks and a couple of potential problems in the international trade market. For instance, there is certain difference in the pipe classification standard between in the domestic market and in the international market. According to the regular standards in the international market, steel pipe is generally divided into the two major categories: round steel pipe and square steel pipe. In contrast, the domestic standards may be more specific at length, which will facilitate customers’ the specific choice for pipes in need. In this regard, it is also very important to grasp the professional knowledge of foreign trade in the international market in 2019.

In today’s market economy environment, any further development of individual enterprise is closely connected with the overall development of the whole industry. So is the steel pipe trade. The development of the upstream and downstream industrial chains also has great influence on the whole steel pipe industry in 2019. Specifically, the growing cost of raw materials is regarded as one of the main factors to cause high steel pipe price in the welded steel pipe market in 2019. Furthermore, as to a variety of changes in the market, it is strongly suggested that pipe manufacturers try to make a comprehensive analysis from related industries, and then to make reasonable adjustment and rational planning, in order to succeed in solving various problems in the changeable steel market.

How to choose the proper structural steel pipe for your project

As a rule, each project is judged on its use of structural steel pipes from both an architectural and structural engineering perspective. It is believed that each project should be budgeted before your project starts. Steel pipe remains much cost effective compared with many other construction materials for over more than 30 years. Besides, structural steel pipe is considered an environment friendly building material in construction industry. Although the steel pipe price is not so stable in the market, this is still comparatively lower than the ready-mix concrete prices in the same period. Plus the fact that you don’t need highly skilled professionals to install your metal building at the site, the cost for the actual installation is definitely much lower.

Galvanized steel pipe generally has the rational cost effective in the market. Unlike other structural steel materials, galvanized steel is immediately ready for use when it is delivered. No additional preparation of the surface is required, no time-consuming inspections, additional painting or coatings are needed. Once the structure is assembled, contractors can immediately begin the next stage of construction without having to worry about the galvanized steel materials. Testing and studies have revealed that the average life expectancy for galvanized steel used as a typical structure material is well beyond 50 years in a rural environment and 20-25 years or more in an extreme urban or coastal setting. In that regard, contractors can confidently use this product in project.

Rectangular steel pipe is one member of the hollow structural sections which are metal profiles with square or rectangular tube section. Rectangular hollow sections are cold formed and welded from either hot rolled, cold rolled, pre-galvanized or stainless steel. ASTM A500 is the most common steel specification for hollow structural section in the current steel pipe market around the world. This specification is for cold formed welded and seamless carbon steel tubing in round, square and rectangular shapes. ASTM A501 is another standard for hot formed steel tubing. Rectangular steel pipe has many uses such as structural applications in residential, commercial and industrial construction. Besides, as the flat square surfaces of rectangular steel pipe has the ability to ease construction, they are sometimes preferred for architectural aesthetics in exposed structures. Today, rectangular steel pipes have also become very popular in many forms of construction and other structural & mechanical applications.

Reliable China steel tube manufacturer

At present steel pipe market, there are various steel pipe manufacturers for customer choice and China steel tube manufacturers are very popular in the international market because of its high quality pipes such as mild steel tube. Welded steel pipe is a kind of extremely important item in the steel pipe industry, so customers are quite concerned about steel pipe price. Welded steel pipe prices have also been affected by market factors and different production crafts have different producing complexity. Of course, customers also have different requirements for the production of various steel pipes and all these factors can affect steel pipe price. The problems in foreign trade of hollow section tube can reflect price issue discussed above.

Rectangular steel tube become more and more popular, so many businessmen are very concerned about this pipe shape. Many hot dip galvanized tubes are used for curtain wall, machinery manufacturing, construction, steel construction projects, solar power stent, power engineering, agricultural chemical machinery, shipbuilding, automobile chassis and so on. The application scope is quite widespread. All factors will affect the price of steel such as the price of steel or steel tube manufacturers, which will affect the price of all products more or less. After understanding the price rule, we will be more careful about choosing steel pipes depending on our own budget, after all the suitable is the best.

round steel pipe is more popular among customers in terms of application scope because of their specific properties. For example, galvanized pipe protection is very strong and has very good corrosion resistance in terms of the structure of the whole. The crystal, a kind of dense four angle is the best corrosion resistance barrier and it can prevent the penetration of certain corrosion molecule. This advantage determines that this is a kind of product that can be used in many industries.

The characteristics of circular steel tube determine that it is more versatile for practical application compared with square steel pipe. In the specification table for round steel pipe,we can find that the products currently on the market are quite complete in terms of pipe size and we have more and more choice range. However, when you want to buy steel pipes, you need to choose a good steel pipe supplier. After all, many of these products need to be buried in the wall. Once there is a problem, it will bring great trouble to the maintenance.